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Mailbag: Has Dez Played His Last Game? Zeke As A 1,000 Yard Receiver?



Is Dez not being on a roster right now due to his contract expectations or have his skills really dropped off that drastically? Do you think he's played his last NFL game?

Bryan: Don't think it's his last game. I think there is a team out there that is willing to give him another chance. I have believed all along that the 49ers were the best fit. Let's see if something happens there. Contract had a role to do with his release. But bigger story was the new receivers coach evaluated him and saw him as a slant runner only. Sounds like the front office agreed with him and made the call to move on. 

David:As we've said, the timing of Dez's release wasn't exactly favorable for his prospects with a new team. Right now, almost everyone in the league has spent all the free agent money they want to. Every team also has a new draft class they feel excited about. When training camp rolls around and teams start seeing what exactly they have – not to mention, when injuries start taking their toll – that's when I think we'll see Dez get a deal.



You always hear people talking about certain running backs getting 1,000 yards rushing and receiving, but you never hear Zeke's name. Do you think he has a shot at it?

Bryan: This is going to sound strange but Elliott is just as valuable a blocker as a receiver. As much as I enjoy seeing him catch the ball in space, his willingness to take on blitzers is just as impressive. I think it would be hard for him to be a big time pass catcher due to his special trait. 

David:No, I don't think he has a shot at it – but that's got nothing to do with him. To this point in his career, we just haven't seen the coaches use him that way. Zeke has shown his ability as a receiver, but I can't imagine him getting more than 40 or 50 receptions in a season – which probably isn't enough to put him in that conversation.

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