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Mailbag: Has McCarthy now secured his place?


Mike McCarthy seemed to be a bit on the hot seat heading into this season. With how the Cowboys are playing and his overall record as the head coach, do you think he's now secure? Is it time to talk about extending his contract? I believe he has earned it. – Steve Curtis/Ammon, ID

Nick Harris: I'll start by saying that I don't think Mike McCarthy was ever even on a "warm" seat. Even though playoff results haven't quite stacked up just yet, having back-to-back 12-win seasons and getting fired the year after sounds wild to me. Add in what he's done so far in 2023, and I'm behind getting a contract extension in order, especially if playoff success comes with it. His offensive system is clearly working and it's clearly more efficient than Kellen Moore's system from the last few seasons, and players rally behind him. He's more than done enough to earn his stay.

Mickey: Not sure whose hot seat he was on, but likely was not on owner Jerry Jones' after going 12-5 in back-to-back seasons the previous two years. And for sure not now with another double-digit winning season at 10-3 with four games to go, making it three in a row the first time for the Cowboys since 1991-96. Don't think there is any need to lose focus on contracts at this time of the season worrying about contract extensions. But believe you are right at this point in the season.

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