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Mailbag: Has scheme changed without Diggs?


When he went down, you guys talked about how the coaching staff could fill the void left by Trevon Diggs injury. So has the scheme changed at all in your mind? Have they dialed up more pressure? Played more zone? Or has DaRon Bland simply allowed them to continue business as usual? – Don Richards/Lago Vista, TX

Nick Harris: From what I can tell through two games, DaRon Bland has been placed in the exact role that the coaching staff would expect from Trevon Diggs – and he's excelled. It's easy to allow things to remain consistent when the defense around Bland is playing at the level that it is as well. With a suffocating pass rush, just locking down a receiver on the boundary might be all Bland has to do some Sundays. In the run game, he'll have to make open field tackles, but there shouldn't be anything different from a scheme perspective with Bland in there.

Mickey: Well Don, hopefully you watched the New England game before firing off this question. With two interceptions against the Patriots, one returned for a touchdown, the second-year corner already has three interceptions in four games and two returned for a touchdown and now eight in his short career. And no, DQ hasn't changed the scheme to compensate for the loss of Trevon Diggs. The Cowboys staff had confidence in Bland, first how he played initially in the slot and now outside at cornerback. And no, Bland is playing man for sure. Don't see much, if any zone, and regardless who is out there, the Cowboys will always try to pressure opposing quarterbacks, just as they harassed Patriots QB Mac Jones Sunday.

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