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Mailbag: Has The Season Outlook Changed?


After seeing the first three weeks, has your opinion about our chances this season changed? With this defense keeping us in games, our young roster stepping up, and the pending return of some stars, I'm feeling a lot better. – LES HOFFMAN / PELL CITY, AL

Nick: My opinion has changed since Week 1, but this is what I expected back in the summer. I think a 2-1 record for September was more than reasonable. Now, to do it without Dak, Tyron, Kearse and other key players? That's a big surprise. I think the Cowboys are in good shape right now because the defense is off the charts and the offense will get some key players coming back soon. But let's see what happens in early October with two big road tests looming.

Rob: Even with some uncertainty in some spots, I said this year's team would challenge for the division title when the season began, in large part because they do have such a deep and talented defense. Obviously Tyron Smith's injury and then Dak's thumb surgery created major questions on offense, but so far they're answering them. I give OC Kellen Moore a lot of credit for building a game plan that's playing to Cooper Rush's strengths, particularly with a commitment to the run game. If they can continue doing that when Dak gets back, they'll have a formula that continues playing to the defense. The schedule will get tougher, but they can win a lot of games that way going forward, especially if you can keep holding teams under 20 points.

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