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Mailbag: Hayden's Chance To Break Out?; How Close Is A Dez Deal?

With the talent we now have along the D-Line, is it possible for Nick Hayden to finally "break out"/improve this year?

Bryan: This is not your fault but if you had the opportunity to see Nick Hayden play on game film each week like I have, you would have a different view of the type of player he really is. Hayden is not going to be flashy or super productive but for what they ask him to do as that nose tackle he is right where he needs to be. The staff would like to have a more athletic player at the spot and maybe Terrell McClain will be that guy, but for right now these coaches are happy they have Hayden.

David:Simply put, Hayden just doesn't play a position that's known for racking up statistics. I don't think you're going to see him tallying big sack totals no matter who he's surrounded by. But the Cowboys' decision to re-sign him speaks pretty clearly about how they feel about him as a run-stuffer and a guy who can occupy blocks.


Where exactly are the two sides with regard to Dez's contract? We all have read and understand the stand-off with each NFL team and their top receivers and trying to control an escalated value, but what exactly is Dez seeking and what do the Joneses think is appropriate for a top five receiver?

Bryan: I have never heard what the numbers were for both sides and I don't believe that we will. Bryant's camp is not going to fight this in the media and I promise from experience of working with Stephen Jones that he will not do the same. There is a lot respect on both sides of the table here and with a deadline of July 15 on the horizon we could see some movement by both parties then.

David:As the Joneses have said several times this spring, it's kind of tricky to figure out, because this batch of young receivers is about re-determine the wide receiver market. Calvin Johnson's huge deal is the standard for receivers right now, but I doubt any of these new contracts will look like that. We've heard that Dez wants at least $30 million in guarantees, which means the total contract value would probably be somewhere between $70-80 million. It's hard to say for sure, but I'd be pretty surprised if a long-term deal is reached by the July 15 deadline.

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