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Mailbag: How Can The Team Be Better In The Red Zone?


What do you see the Cowboys doing to be better in scoring in the red zone?

Rowan: Well, they already did one thing, and that's drafting Gavin Escobar. He's a huge target and has already displayed his soft hands in Organized Team Activities and minicamp. But obviously, that's not enough. They have to block better for their backs, and they've already started working on goal line practices before pads have even come on. It all stems back to the offensive line. If the whole group can stay healthy or if Travis Frederick can become a stable force on the inside, the goal line play should improve. They need to be able to make creases when it gets inside the 20, and they haven't done that well enough recently.

Nick: It's all about the offensive line. It seems like I constantly repeat myself on mailbags or the radio shows, but I think all of the team's problems – running the ball consistently, having enough time to throw and scoring in the red zone, all stem from a lack of push on the offensive line. This team needs to move people off the ball. Do that on a regular basis, and this team will run the ball better, pick up more first downs, score more points, score more touchdowns and hopefully they will be able to win more games.  

Can we expect a breakout season from Tyrone Crawford since he is playing defensive end in the new defensive scheme?

Rowan: It'll be tough to truly breakout as a backup defensive end when DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer will be playing in starting roles at the position. But if last season is any indication in this defense, the backups have to be ready to go in and contribute immediately. Crawford found that out as a 3-4 defensive end last year. He'll no doubt be substituting in occasionally, and I've said before he has the potential to be a player that makes a jump. The Cowboys need a starting defensive end next year, and if they can't resign Spencer, Crawford can give them a reason to feel comfortable if he makes a jump this year.

Nick:I think you can expect a better player than last year. You should always expect that from any player in his second year. Will we call it "breakout" – that is probably up to Crawford. I think he's going to be a factor in this [embedded_ad] defensive line rotation and while I think one of these young guys will thrive in this scheme, I'm predicting Sean Lissemore will have more of a "breakout" season. Still, I think Crawford has a chance to shine as well.

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