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Mailbag: How close is battle for second QB spot?


I was surprised to see that Cooper Rush only played one quarter against Jacksonville while Will Grier played three. Thought the playing time might be split more evenly. Does that lead us to believe they were somewhat protecting Rush and the battle for the second quarterback job isn't all that close?Steve Reynolds/Waco, TX

Nick Harris: I was also surprised to see Cooper Rush not get as much run as Will Grier in the preseason opener, but I'm with you in believing that the writing is probably on the wall telling us that the gap in the QB2 race is fairly large. Rush's ability to step in last year and lead Dallas to a 4-1 record spoke volumes about his potential as a backup, and he's paired that with a really strong camp in Oxnard to solidify that position. On top of that, Grier has had some moments at camp where things have been off line and errant. I don't see that battle as even a battle at this point.

Mickey: I would think not very. Now they might give Cooper Rush more reps in preseason games 2 and 3, but from what we've seen in practice, they are giving Willi Grier every opportunity to prove he belongs on the 53-man roster. Remember, Grier hasn't played in a game since preseason in 2022 and though active as Rush's backup those five games Dak Prescott missed, with Rush starting, he never took a snap. Also, if he proves he's good enough to be the third QB on the 53, then under the new QB rule, he can be active on game day without counting against the 48. That is the decision concerning the backup QBs.

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