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Mailbag: How Competitive Will Training Camp Be?


Early in the post-draft press conference, Stephen Jones said this could be the best competitive training camp in a long time. Considering the slow start in 2018, would you say that ensuring competition at critical positions was a point of focus of the 2019 draft? - THOMAS NARRO / ARLINGTON, MA

Bryan: I think you're reading into that too much. The competition is good, but improving the overall depth of the squad was where I think the focus was. Look at how they used the draft. Taking Connor McGovern or Tony Pollard wasn't necessary selections competition wise but more about making them a better team overall.

Rob: I do think 'competition' is a big thing with Jason Garrett. And I think it's especially important coming off a good season because it's an extra motivational tool. Bryan's right – you worry about finding the best players first – but the best-player-available approach organically creates competition at certain spots.

How many of the later-round picks and undrafted players could make the team? Having a deep and young and hungry team would be great. - STEPHEN GRAYSON / GREENVILLE, MS

Bryan: The more that I got to study these undrafted free agents, the more I realized they had quite a haul. Just watching these receivers and offensive linemen had me encouraged that there will be some serious competition for not only rosters spots but practice squad spots as well. To come away from a draft adding 15 players off their draft board is quite a haul.

Rob: Every Day 3 draft pick has a chance, in my opinion. The defensive line is reaching a saturation point where the depth is so good, they won't be able to keep everybody. So it might be an uphill climb for seventh-rounder Jalen Jelks and undrafted defensive lineman Daniel Wise, who agreed to terms earlier this week, but they'll have an opportunity. I'm interested in watching undrafted offensive tackle Mitch Hyatt, who also agreed to terms. Consensus All-American on a national championship team.

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