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Mailbag: How Concerning Is The Lack Of Sacks; Contract Talks?

Not to take away from how surprisingly well this defense has played this season, but how worried should we be about our lack of sacks this season? When eight individual players have more sacks than our entire defense that has to be cause for concerns right?

Bryan: I have always believed that pressure was more important than sacks and this team had been doing a nice job of getting that up until this last game. These Giants coaches were not going to allow Manning to take the beating that he suffered last week against the Eagles so they decided to get the ball out sooner rather than hold it like they did against the Eagles. Another factor was that the Cowboys didn't do a good enough job of running their line stunts and blitzes when they were called. There were too many times where they were not clean in this area and I believe it hurt them in creating that pressure that we had seen these last several weeks.

David:It would be one thing if the Cowboys didn't sack Eli Manning yesterday, but they hardly even pressured him. I know the Giants' gameplan is to throw as many quick routes as possible, but the Cowboys' inability to even make Manning look uncomfortable was troubling. The defensive staff has to be hoping that DeMarcus Lawrence can show up and help bolster the pass rush. There's some talented quarterbacks left to face on the schedule.

While the 6-1 start is great, should there be any concern that DeMarco Murray and Rolando McClain have not signed contracts yet? It seems it will get harder and more expensive to do the longer this all drags out.

Bryan: You worry about the offseason in the offseason. Right now you worry about trying to win games and don't worry about anything else.  

David: I knew Bryan was going to give a salty answer to this. But at the end of the day, he's right – I would advise you not to spend a lot of time worrying about it. There are two sides to all of these conversations, and guys like Murray and McClain have every reason to see if they can maximize their value by continuing to play well. It's not impossible for deals to get done during the season, but I'd say it's much more likely that those negotiations don't play out until the season is over.

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