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Mailbag: How difficult is Guyton's move to LT?


It sounds like Tyler Guyton is off to a great start, but I still worry about a rookie not only making the jump to the NFL but also having to learn a new position. I remember Tyron Smith, a future Hall of Famer, talking about the challenges for moving from left to right tackle when he had to fill in on that side in 2022. So how difficult is this going to be for Guyton? – Franklin Smith/Nashville, TN

Nick Harris: While it's not a move that should be understated from a difficulty standpoint, Tyler Guyton has a few things working into his favor. For one, he already has experience blocking for the blindside of a quarterback since Oklahoma's signal-caller was left-handed in 2023. That will help him understand the depth of the pocket that he will have to create on the outside and it provides him with experience going against various speed rushers. Guyton said in his introductory press conference that he feels more natural on the left side, and in talking to his college offensive line coach, the feelings were similar in Norman. Mirroring his first step and applying his opposite hand to the pass rusher will take some repetition to perfect, but Guyton has a lot of advantages towards making the switch.

Mickey: Well, think about it this way, the difference being if you are used to getting off a horse with your left foot in the stirrup and swinging your right leg over the horse, to try doing it the opposite way. Not as natural. But he's got nearly four full months to make the transition, not like Tyron, when he had one week to change what he had been doing for 11 years. This will be a crash course, but not so immediate. And he's really only been playing tackle for two seasons. That will impact his transition into the NFL more so than switching sides.

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