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Mailbag: How Do The Cowboys Fix The Injury Issues?



Are the Cowboys doing anything different in regard to their trainers? Health, particularly hamstring injuries, plagued the team last season.

Rowan: They're always evaluating different ways to try to study injuries and reverse misfortunes of the past. But in terms of the major figureheads and people running that area of the team and in charge of the training, it doesn't seem at this point like much has changed.

David: The Cowboys finished among the top two or three teams in the league in hamstring injuries last season, and Jason Garrett has talked about different ways the organization can improve in its approach to health and training. Like Rowan said, though, it doesn't look like any changes have been made from a personnel standpoint.


Do y'all feel there is a good chance we could re-sign Anthony Spencer for cheap because of his injury last season?

Rowan:I think it depends more on his health than it does on other teams right now. That was a major surgery he went that will require a long road to [embedded_ad] recovery. I think it's already safe to say he won't see a major contract from another team. The bigger question is whether or not he'll be ready to go and whether or not the Cowboys determine he's healthy enough to even have the potential to return to his old form. There's a lot of questions in that respect, but there's definitely a chance he comes back.

David: Stephen Jones said at the Senior Bowl that the Cowboys had their fingers crossed for Spencer's injury to heal quickly and properly. Microfracture surgery is a big deal, so the team is bound to have a close eye on that. If he recovers well, I would imagine the Cowboys could definitely afford to bring him back for a fracture of the former price. But they need to make sure he's healthy first, before they commit.

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