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Mailbag: How Does Brady Deal Affect Romo's Contract?

With Brady signing a very modest, favorable deal to finish off his career and give the team salary cap flexibility, does this perhaps encourage Romo to do the same, working to the Cowboys' front office's favor?

Nick: I don't think so. Don't forget that deal is guaranteed. Most players have money at the end of the deal that looks outrageous only to inflate the numbers. But they'll never see a dime of it. I think Romo will sign a deal that is fair to the Cowboys and to him, depending on the market value.

Rowan: Keep in mind that yes, Brady made a deal to help the Patriots' cap numbers, but a ton of that is guaranteed. It's not a simple three-year, cheap extension. The guaranteed money was what's important. That may also be the case for Romo, who would have probably already done what he could to help the Cowboys' cap. The Patriots were creative in making their deal for Brady, and I imagine the Cowboys will be similarly with Romo.


I haven't heard much about bringing back Ernie Sims, but given his athleticism and how he played when he got the opportunity last year, doesn't he seem like a good fit to compete for one of the linebacker spots?

Nick:I bet that is something that would only happen a little later into free agency, maybe even after the draft. He played OK, but nothing that would guarantee him returning. Let's not [embedded_ad] forget he was on his couch until the Cowboys called.

Rowan: He's an unrestricted free agent right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if he got a deal and found himself competing for a starting spot in the preseason. He's a better fit in the 4-3, a scheme he's more accustomed to, and he did a decent job filling in after sitting in free agency for a while. His future may depend on the route the Cowboys go in the draft.

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