Mailbag: How Does Dallas Replace Harris?; Have The Eagles Gotten Better?

Who do the Cowboys have slotted to be a return specialist for 2015 with the departure of Dwayne Harris? Is that something the Cowboys address in the draft? I really hope they don't risk injury to Dez Bryant and lean on him for this!

Bryan: There is no way they use Bryant for that job. I believe they will try and address this through the draft. Keep an eye on Ty Montgomery from Stanford – local kid that is one of the best in the nation.

David: I can't guarantee with certainty how the Cowboys will replace Dwayne Harris, but I feel incredibly confident in saying they won't turn to Dez Bryant. So don't worry about that. We know Cole Beasley can return punts if he needs to, and we know Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle have experience returning kicks. The Cowboys also need guys who can replace Harris in kick and punt coverage. My guess is they'll use a draft pick on a guy who can do all of the above, just like Harris.

I keep reading that the predictions are that the Cowboys have lost ground to the Eagles and won't make the playoffs. Everyone seems to think they have improved so much and I just don't see it. I mean they added a lot of running backs and some defensive guys, but where's the deep threat to stretch the field? Call me crazy but do you disagree?

Bryan: I would worry if the Eagles somehow ended up with Marcus Mariota to run that offense. He is accurate and doesn't turn the ball over. With that being said, it will be difficult to replace McCoy and Maclin for those explosive plays.

David: I think you'd have to be crazy to try to predict how the division race will shake out in early April. As it stands right now, the two teams look fairly evenly matched – just like they were last year. The Cowboys lost some impact players, and they added some good pieces with question marks surrounding them. The Eagles seriously upgraded their linebacker corps, in my opinion, and they added the NFL rushing champion in DeMarco Murray. But we have no idea how good their new quarterback can be, and yes losing Jeremy Maclin hurts. We also have no idea what any NFC East teams are going to add during the draft. Personally, I expect the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants to all be pretty evenly matched this season with Washington bringing up the rear. It's a bit early to try to predict any more than that.


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