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Mailbag: How Does Injury History Play Into Re-signing Lee?


Won't Sean Lee's contract be up after next year? How would you re-sign him? If he stays healthy the majority of the season he is a top five linebacker in the league. But man, I would hate to give him that money when he hasn't stayed healthy.

Nick: I think you pay him for what he's done. If he has a good year and maybe makes the Pro Bowl, you'll have to be careful how he's signed. Personally, I think the Cowboys have learned their lesson in paying big money to guys that only really performed at a high level for one or two years – Free and Austin. But Lee is tricky because injuries have slowed him down. Still, if they're consistent enough to be a factor each year, then it's something to consider. I would be cautious in how much he gets because of the injury history.  

Rowan: Yes it will, and I would dole out the money for him. This team has had some problems getting stuck in long-term deals with players who aren't worth the investment later in the contract, but we're talking about arguably the best defensive player on the team. The injuries have to be a concern, but he would be worth the risk in my mind. That's a player you can't let leave.

With all the added coaches on the team, what players will benefit most from all the experience that has been brought in?

Nick: That's not a tough question – but nearly an impossible question to predict. So I'll just say DeMarco Murray. He's got a new RB coach in Gary Brown and I think Murray will benefit from a new coach and new voice. Brown has experience getting a lot out of his players in Cleveland. That's a tough one, but let's go with Murray.  

Rowan:I'm going to go on the other side of the ball and say Tyrone Crawford and Sean Lissemore. Both players became consistent contributors last [embedded_ad] season on the defensive line and they're still young and early in their growth as NFL linemen. A year with Rod Marinelli and Monte Kiffin should have them soaking up more football knowledge than they can imagine. They were already showing growth, and those coaches should be able to get the best out of them.

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