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Mailbag: How Does Scandrick News Affect The Roster?


In light of Orlando Scandrick's four-game suspension, will Dallas keep an extra corner on the roster? Who would that be? Which position and who could be cut because of it?

Bryan: In the makeup of the roster, Scandrick will go to a suspended category so his roster spot will not matter until after it is lifted. The front office still will be able to go carry five corners and five safeties if they want.

David:The fact that Scandrick doesn't count against the active roster is huge for this team, in my opinion. If the Cowboys carried six corners and four safeties into the season, then someone deserving is probably losing their roster spot. Instead, they don't really have to alter their plans – they can carry an additional cornerback for the time being. It sounds like B.W. Webb and Sterling [embedded_ad] Moore are going to benefit greatly from Scandrick sitting for a month.

Do you think the Orlando Scandrick suspension is the reason they are being careful with Morris Claiborne?

Bryan: Not at all, Claiborne has a tendon problem and the medical staff is doing everything in their power to help with his recovery. He needs the rest.

David: I sincerely doubt it's the reason why, but the loss of Scandrick for four games emphasizes Claiborne's importance even further. The defense needs its corners as healthy as possible while Scandrick waits to return, so it honestly wouldn't surprise me to see them be even more cautious with Claiborne and Brandon Carr going forward.

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