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Mailbag: How Does The Franchise Tag Affect The Cowboys' Salary Cap?



After the tag on Lawrence where does that leave our spending budget?  Who is most in danger of being a cap casualty?  There's a lot of talk about Dez, but people like Crawford and Scandrick may not be worth their price, either.

Bryan:Bryant is a possibility for a reduction. The best avenue will likely get money from Frederick. He's the most consistent player that you feel like pushing money out would work out for you. 

David:Just for the record, there doesn't need to be a cap casualty this year. Even with Lawrence on the franchise tag, the Cowboys are under the cap. I would guess they're going to restructure Travis Frederick's deal, and they might try to reduce Dez Bryant's salary. Other than that, I don't envision them having to do anything crazy to accomplish their goals.



Other than kicker and punter, which position(s) do you think the Cowboys will not address in the draft?

Bryan:I don't believe you can go into any draft thinking this way especially where they're selecting. You have no idea where the draft is going until it actually starts. An open mind is always the best plan of attack. 

David:That's what makes this draft so much fun. I think almost every position in the game is on the table. Jerry Jones wants a developmental quarterback. The front office might want to get younger on defense. Offensive line and linebacker are needs. There's no telling where they might go, which will make this year's draft very interesting.

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