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Mailbag: How Have The Giants Changed?


Beyond QB, what are the 2 biggest differences between the Giants team we face this week and the one we saw in Week 1? - BILL CONWAY / PALM SPRINGS, CA

Bryan: Golden Tate and the emergence of Darius Slayton at wide receiver. This is a dangerous game because Daniel Jones has done a really nice job of finding those guys during these games. I have been very impressed with all three and what they're capable of doing.

Rob: Bryan stole my answer, so I'll focus on the quarterback. Danny Dimes has shown why the Giants drafted him as early as they did. He can make any throw, he's not afraid to make any throw, and he's added more mobility at the position. But the turnovers have been costly. He has 13 in seven games.

Obviously, there are factors only a few within the front office fully know, but I am curious why the Cowboys wouldn't consider giving Donovan Wilson a shot after what he showed in the preseason? - CLARK FRANDSEN / SANDY, UT

Bryan: They would play Darian Thompson before they'd play Donovan Wilson. Coaches don't trust Wilson yet, but that's not to say that one day they might. Wilson will continue to play on special teams, and unless there is an injury we'll see him during training camp in 2020.

Rob: You're right, Wilson was around the ball a lot in preseason. Experience does matter, especially at that position, and Darian Thompson is next up on the depth chart for that reason. He did a nice job playing physical and getting the defense lined up when he filled in for Xavier Woods early in the season.

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