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Mailbag: How is Pollard as lead running back?


I think it's fair to say that Tony Pollard didn't have a good game in San Francisco, although nobody did. But now five games into the season, how do you think he's handling the lead running back duties? Are we're seeing the same explosiveness? Given his workload, will he be able to hold up for the entire season? – Marcus Hernandez/San Antonio, TX

Nick Harris: Tony Pollard has been efficient as the lead back, but I expected a bit more scoring production coming into the season. What made Pollard so dynamic as a complimentary back was his receiving ability, and we haven't seen much of that either. Pollard found the end zone twice against the Giants and has yet to cross the goal line since. His production has been acceptable in the run game, but I haven't loved everything else aside from that.

Mickey: Not sure Pollard's workload has anything to do with this, but you are right, we really haven't seen those explosive runs of the past. So far Pollard has only three running plays of 20-plus yards, a long of 31 against Arizona. But that's it. What I worried about before the start of the season now that he was becoming the every-down back was losing the surprise factor. Like defenses getting used to Ezekiel's Elliott's pace then, boom, here comes Pollard's unsuspecting speed as the changeup. Quite possibly there is no more surprise factor, but also remember, the Cowboys starting offensive line has only been together for this past San Francisco game. Let's see if the blocking improves before coming to any hard and fast conclusions.

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