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Mailbag: How Is Romo's Fastball This Year? Chances For Antwan Goodley?



Tony has never been considered a great deep ball passer, but it was evident when his back was not right, his velocity dropped off. How has his arm strength looked thus far?

Nick: He talked about this year, saying he picks his spots on when to "cut it loose." With Tony, he's done this for so long now that he seems to have it figured out as to when he needs to crank it up and get ready for the season. So out at camp, yeah we've seen him fire the ball into tight spots, but it's rare. Making all of the great throws in practice probably doesn't make the best sense for a guy that has to manage his health. So I really don't think it's anything to worry about.  

Rob: Haven't noticed a problem with Romo's velocity. He has shown zip on his passes and overall he's been sharp with the first-team offense. A healthy back means he's getting more power behind his throws, and really, everything he does on the field. At 35, the occasional day off is good for his arm, too.



How has Antwan Goodley been progressing in camp?  With all of our young wide receivers, do you see him making the active roster?

Rob: The hamstring injury just couldn't have come at a worse time for Goodley. He was starting to make a few plays in practice before he got hurt. There is so much competition at receiver that he can't afford to miss a lot of time, though the Cowboys obviously wouldn't rush him back. Guys like Lucky Whitehead and Reggie Dunn have separated themselves a bit in the last few practices.

Nick: He really hasn't done much of anything. For those who know me, know that I followed him closely at Baylor and like him as a person. So I'm rooting for him in that regard. But, he hasn't done anything to help his cause. Being unproductive is one thing, but to put a hamstring injury on top of that, and it's not looking good for him. Now, he still has some time but he won't play Thursday and he's giving the chance for guys like Farmer, Harwell and Greenberry to put some distance on him. Whitehead is already way ahead of all them. Practice squad seems like the only possible destination for him at this point.

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