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Mailbag: How Long Will Murray's Streak Last?

What do you think the chances are that DeMarco Murray sets a new record of seven-straight games with 100 yards to open a season? How long do you think the streak can go?

Bryan: The next three weeks he will face defenses that are middle of the pack or better when it comes to defending the run. The worst of the group is the Giants, who are ranked 19th in the league, so if he is going to break the record it should be against them. This offensive line, tight ends and receivers have been outstanding in helping Murray along the way and he would be the first to tell you that. This offense is well aware of the path they are on when it comes to running the ball.  

David: The Cowboys went against the league's best run defense last week, and they didn't just win the matchup – they dominated. They rushed for their season average of 160 yards per game against a front seven that was allowing 62 per game. I'm very confident Murray is going to set the record this weekend against a mediocre Giants front, but it's a streak that has to end at some point – the NFL is just too tough. I'm looking at the Arizona game as the week that it stops. The Cardinals are the new No. 1 in run defense, and that game is also in Week 9, when no one will be quite as fresh as they were in September and October.

How well do you think Jermey Parnell will fare as the starter this week?

Bryan: If you remember these coaches tried to put Parnell in position to start in 2013, but he got hurt during the off season and Doug Free managed to rebound and have a solid campaign. I feel like Parnell is mentally in a better place than he was after that 2012 season going into 2013 and will be much better in handling the situation this time around. Nobody on this team wants to be the guy that goes into lineup and messes things up while this team is winning games. I believe that Parnell will prepare and be ready to handle the job ahead of blocking these Giants defensive ends.

David: I think he's going to be fine – not spectacular, not awful, just fine. The interior trio of Ronald Leary, Travis Frederick and Zack Martin is still there, not just to open up running lanes but to create a pocket for Tony Romo. Tyron Smith is also still there to block Jason Pierre-Paul and any other blindside rushers. That should minimize the strain on Parnell, and when you include the fact that he'll have help from the tight ends, I think he's more than up to the challenge. It will be interesting to see if the Giants try to match him up against Pierre-Paul, though.

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