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Mailbag: How Many Comp Picks? Change OT Rules?


With the draft right around the corner, what kind of compensatory pics can we expect Dallas to get? – BRYAN WALSH / MOUNT AIRY, MD

Nick: I learned a long time ago, it's easier to figure out the quadratic formula than the formula used for comp picks. But over the years, it seems people have done a good job of projecting it. This year, it looks like maybe one mid-to-late round pick is expected for the Cowboys. That's probably because Andy Dalton started a few games for the Bears. Either way, I wouldn't imagine this year's strategy will be changed at all by the number of comp picks.

David: The NFL doesn't release its formula for determining compensatory picks, so it's hard to say for sure. That said, you can get a pretty good idea just by looking at who the Cowboys lost to free agency and who they signed. The Cowboys lost Andy Dalton, Chidobe Awuzie and Cameron Erving to deals that would net a comp pick – but they also likely offset two of those by signing Tarell Basham and Keanu Neal. With all of that said, I think it's a good guess they get one compensatory pick – likely a fifth or sixth-rounder.

Should the overtime rules for the playoffs change? Either play a 10-minute period or allow the defensive team who allows an opening drive field goal OR touchdown to have an offensive possession. What do you think? – DARYL PORTER / MEDICINE, CANADA

Nick: Well for starters, I'm not a fan of changing any rule just for the playoffs. Let's not forget how many games in Week 17 or Week 18 have playoff implications. So why treat it different for the playoffs? And if you want to respond by saying, 'well, they don't have ties in the playoffs' then I'd come back and say, YES, GET RID OF TIES ALL TOGETHER. I can't imagine spending hundreds of dollars to attend a game and walk away with a tie. As for changing the overtime rules because Josh Allen didn't get a chance to throw a pass, I'm not really interested in that. The Bengals figured out how to get the ball Burrow on Sunday. If any change could be made, I wouldn't be opposed to just playing out a full quarter. If you look at it, it seems like they get to about the 4:00 minute mark in most games anyway. So just play out the whole quarter – and that way, every team should get the ball. If your defense can't get off the field in 10 minutes, then you didn't deserve to win. Plus, it'd be way easier to explain to people the rules of OT.

David: It's a valid question, but I just can't really bring myself to care. I don't love the overtime format, but I can't help but think that you're given 60 minutes to avoid overtime for that exact reason. There's no good answer. Penalty shootouts are a horrible way to decide a draw in soccer, and sudden death isn't exactly fair when you're facing a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes. Even still, I don't feel passionately about it. Don't let it get to overtime if you're worried about the rules. If the Bills squib the kickoff and force a return with 13 seconds to play, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

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