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Mailbag: How Much Better Will The Running Game Be?



With a healthy DeMarco Murray and the addition of Joseph Randle, how much better do you see this running attack being in 2013?

Bryan: I don't know if it's so much about Joseph Randle but I will totally agree that a healthy Murray makes this rushing attack better. I talked to Bill Callahan about this for a good long time and he couldn't stress how important Murray is to this offense overall. In this zone blocking scheme, it's about the back's ability to recognize where the hole is a make that cut to get up the field. I have always felt like that Murray's greatest strength was his ability to play with his eyes and see the play develop. The scheme stretches the defense by moving the line thus tying up the defenders because they have to react and this is where Murray can take advantage of that stretch. It's not about blowing your man off the line but staying in contact with him and letting the back adjust. Murray can do that.  

Nick: I don't think that part matters as much as the offensive line. I think Murray, Randle, Tanner and Dunbar can hit the hole and make a play. I just wonder about the holes. I wonder about the push up front. Think about the last few years – Murray, Felix, Barber. The backs have changed but the success hasn't. It's not the running backs as much as it is the offensive line.


What are the chances of David Arkin or one of the other young guards stepping up to replace one or another of our current starters at the guard position?


Bryan: Watch Ronald Leary in this camp while we are in Oxnard. Over the last several weeks he has been improving in each practice and if Nate Livings is not completely healthy because of the knee, I feel like Leary can work himself into position to take that job. I have already said this a bunch but the key for Leary will be the mental side of the game because he has the physical side. If he can learn and be consistent in how he goes about his job, he could very well be in the mix more than Arkin.

Nick: I think Ron Leary has a good chance of doing that. Yes, Leary is a guy that could step up and challenge a player to start.

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