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Mailbag: How Much Does Losing Ware Hurt Tyron Smith?


Does Tyron Smith continue to play at a Pro Bowl level without having Demarcus Ware to practice against each day?

Nick: Well, he certainly wasn't at that level last season. Maybe getting beat by Ware on a daily basis helped him prepare. We definitely didn't think Smith was going to make the Pro Bowl after watching these practices. Let's see if DeMarcus Lawrence can push him like that. But I do think Smith grew up last year and we'll see a much more polished, even dominant player in camp.

Rowan: I think going against great players every day can be a help, but I don't want to make way too much of that. If a scrub was going against Ware every day, I don't think there's anything Ware could do to make that player better. I think, and the Cowboys sure hope, Smith is a really good player. Ware probably helped teach him how to get better, but I don't think Ware being gone will make him regress.

When the Cowboys go to their nickel [embedded_ad]

defense and they need to get to the quarterback, who do you expect the four defensive linemen to be?

Nick: Good question. I think it's got to be DeMarcus Lawrence included and if he's not, that will be a disappointment. I'll go with Lawrence and Selvie at the ends with Crawford and Melton inside. Don't be surprised if Anthony Spencer gets in the mix if he's healthy.

Rowan: This is by no means settled yet, but my initial guess is George Selvie, Henry Melton, Terrell McClain and DeMarcus Lawrence. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they bumped Crawford inside for McClain, though. Just looking at the linemen go against the dummies, Melton, McClain and Crawford are among the quickest and most powerful of the entire line group.

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