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Mailbag: How Much Has Terence Steele Improved?


Terence Steele started 14 games last year and had some tough moments but obviously the Cowboys see potential in him. From what you've seen, how much do you think he has improved to be ready for this new starting chance at right tackle? — JOE COOK / JACKSON, MS

Nick: I think he's improved because players in their second year should improve. But I haven't seen it just yet because he was just pretty good in camp and the preseason. But I like his agility and the fact he's already started 14 games. He'll be a guy who battles, but let's find out if he's better when the games start.

Jonny: I think that what he showed last year was admirable, and I think there will be some improvement in terms of avoiding mistakes that you have to learn the hard way. But it depends what constitutes "ready." I think the Chargers are gonna be able to capitalize on La'el's absence. Pass rushers are going to succeed unless someone stops them and I don't know that I have confidence Steele is ready to win matchups consistently.

I'm pretty sure having a quarterback with amazing numbers should always be consider a good thing, but the reality is that we are 1-4 in the last 5 games when Dak throws for more than 400 yards. Is it because we're always chasing the opponent? Would it be better to balance it with the running game? — TONY BARRENADA / EL PASO, TX

Nick: Yes, balance is better. Being one-dimensional is not going to relate to wins. Right now, it really hasn't. In his last six games, Dak is 2-4 doing it this way. I think it'll be better if the team is running the ball and being more balanced. Fantasy owners don't want that, but this offense will be better and the team will win more games, if they can figure out how to play that way.

Jonny: The argument that the Cowboys need to run the ball more so they can establish a tempo and hold on to a lead is an endless conversation that most fan bases have regarding their teams. The defensive performances explains why Dak's numbers are so great and why they are still losing those games. He's playing from behind because his defense gives up points quickly. You can nitpick Dak, but if you take him away you're gonna be stuck with just the glaring problem to confront.

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