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Mailbag: How Much Is Robinson's Production Missed?

Don't you think the Cowboys miss Laurent Robinson? His chemistry with Romo is what made him so good with the Cowboys.

Rowan: Yes. The Cowboys could use Robinson and Robinson could use the Cowboys. Romo has very few targets he can rely on to be on the same page nearly 100 percent of the time. Robinson seemed to be one of those guys. As of this point, it doesn't seem like the third receiver production will be the same or similar to what Robinson offered with his 11 touchdown grabs last season. But it also shouldn't mask the other issues in the passing game, which have been numerous.

Jonny: I do think that Laurent Robinson is a more complete receiver than Kevin Oglertree, but part of me believes that the end results wouldn't be all that different if Robinson were still a Cowboy. When things go wrong for the Cowboys' passing game, they go very wrong. Interceptions, poor pass blocking, ineffective routes by your best receivers; they all seem to contribute to the passing game's struggles at times. And when things are going right, everything looks great. I think that the third receiver spot may be an issue, but it can get in line behind a number of other issues.

Do you think that Tony Romo would play better if you took him out of a series or game because of his turnovers and insert Kyle Orton to "rekindle" the fire?

Rowan: I wouldn't recommend it. It's possible that it would teach more accountability and that the interceptions are intolerable. But it also could send the wrong message to Romo, who's the guy the Cowboys want with the game on the line. It could hurt Romo's psyche the wrong way, making him feel the need to fit in more passes with limited snaps. It's a tough situation, because Romo was a cause and answer to last Sunday's mishaps.

Jonny: No, I don't. It's creative, but the chances of a payoff are pretty small. Despite what people may think, Romo does not take interceptions or losing lightly. As you might imagine, he does not enjoy being criticized by fans and media. Romo struggles more when he tries to do too much, not when he doesn't do enough. "Rekindle" that fire any more and who knows what kind of passes will be forced. Orton is a very good insurance plan, but the QB is and will remain Tony Romo, barring an injury.

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