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Mailbag: How Real Are The Talks With Free Agent Tackles?


How real could these talks between with Tyson Clabo really be? And would that spell the end for Free or a position change?

Rowan: I would assume they're real, the same way they are with Eric Winston. They're at least options, if nothing else. I can't imagine a scenario where they keep Free's pricey contract and bring on one of the higher profile tackles like Clabo. Stephen Jones has said they've thrown around the idea of moving Free inside, but I doubt that comes to fruition.

David: I think they're absolutely real. Any NFL front office would be wise to do its due diligence about potentially improving its team. I don't think we'll see any additions until we know for sure what happens with Free, though, and it seems like that depends on whether the current starter is willing to take a pay cut to stay here.

Do you think Travis Frederick starts at center or guard for us on opening day?

Rowan: With all the talk about Frederick being a foundation and a cornerstone in the middle of the line, it sounds like his first position will be center. So if I had to take a guess, that would be it, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him at guard after it all plays out. It'll depend more on how Phil Costa and the guards play in the offseason. If Costa demonstrates he's 100 percent healthy and plays noticeably better than the guards, then they'd have to at least consider moving Frederick. It'll be one of the many competitions to keep an eye on.

David:The talk around the facility this weekend certainly seemed to indicate that Frederick will be the guy on the ball. But center is one of the harder spots to adjust to, and Phil Costa already has a leg up just by virtue of his experience in the league and a longer relationship with Tony Romo. I wouldn't be surprised to see the big Badger at [embedded_ad] center, but my gut feeling is that he'll understudy at guard in the beginning.

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