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Mailbag: How To Measure Success For The Rookies?


Based on Bryan's notes, it seems Trysten Hill's first step is giving the centers and guards a problem. I know sacks aren't the only measurement of production for his position, but how many would he need to rack up this year for you to consider his rookie season a great success? Would five or six make you happy about drafting him in the second round when there were there were a couple of nice options at safety to draft? - COLLIN CLARK / TRENTON, TX

Bryan: I don't see sacks of how well a defensive lineman plays. For years I've been telling you that Tyrone Crawford's numbers are not a measure of what he does week in and week out. It's not going to be any different with Hill. As long as he's improving each week both run/pass, the rest of his game will take care of itself.

Rob: It's not really about sacks from the three technique spot, in my opinion. It's about pressure, which can't always measured by statistics. At this point I expect Maliek Collins to be the starter with Hill working into the rotation. If he can impact the game in that regard with the snaps he gets, it'll be a success.


With all of the young talent on the roster, I've been thinking about what the Cowboys did with Orlando Scandrick a few years ago when we locked him up long-term very early in his tenure. If it were your call, which role player would you give value deal to and why? - MISTER TAYLOR / TROY, NY

Bryan: I think the world of Jourdan Lewis. Every time I watch him practice or play, I am amazed with the results. Lewis doesn't get the credit nor the respect that he deserves, so if I was running this team I'd look to try and lock him down.

Rob: Looking over the roster, most of the Cowboys' best young players have at least a couple years left on their contract and the front office has done such a good job drafting potential replacements for down the line. If I'm playing this game – and to be clear, this is us playing GM and not the Cowboys – Antwaun Woods is a guy you could presumably look at extending. He's such a big part of their run defense. But again, he's essentially locked in for two more seasons because he's an exclusive rights free agent after 2019.

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