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Mailbag: How to Spend Remaining Cap Money?


Play general manager for a minute. With the Cowboys' remaining salary cap money, would you try to sign CeeDee Lamb or Trevon Diggs to extensions, thus helping to secure the team's future? Or would you try to bring in another free agent (or two) who could help the club immediately? – Jessie Perez/Galveston, TX

Nick: After the Cowboys officially sign Hankins, I would imagine they're just about done with free agency. Sure, maybe a guy like Carlos Watkins re-signs but nothing much more than that is expected. And if we're being honest, that's a lot of work this offseason already. Two big trades for basically nothing, and keeping Wilson, LVE, Rush, Hankins and CJ Goodwin and then adding a few other pieces for depth. That's a nice job already. What's next? Maybe a long-term deal for either Lamb or Diggs, but probably not both. Don't have the money for both this year unless maybe they wait until June 1 when Zeke's money comes off the books. They may have to wait until then to sign one of them.

Patrik: If you asked me this question a few days ago, my answer would've been to sign Bobby Wagner, but the future Hall of Famer is reuniting with the Seattle Seahawks, so let's move on from him — again. That swings my focus back to making sure Johnathan Hankins returns for the 2023 season, having already inked key defensive pieces Donovan Wilson, Leighton Vander Esch and Dante Fowler to new deals. Hankins' ability to upgrade the run defense was a breath of fresh air last year, after he was acquired via trade with the Raiders, and his presence will again be needed in 2023. From there, take a look at possibly adding veteran depth to the LB position to aid LVE and Damone Clark — Myles Jack being someone I'd kick the tires on, as one example — and I'd love to see depth added to the offensive line as well, particularly on the interior. As it stands, the Cowboys have done a magnificent job of setting themselves up for BPA (or as close to it as possible) in this year's draft, but the aforementioned moves would truly give them an A+ in this year's free agency spree.

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