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Mailbag: How Versatile Is The Receiver Group?


Am I right in thinking that with the addition of Randall Cobb, all three of the Cowboys' primary receivers will be more than capable of playing both out of the slot and out wide? If true, won't this make it easier for the team to create mismatches in coverage? - RUSSELL MOORE / PALESTINE, TX

Bryan: This is true to a point. Where we have to be careful is believing that Cobb is a down-the-field threat. His best work is done underneath in that 10-yard area and run after catch. To view him as a similar player to Cooper and Gallup I don't believe is accurate.

Rob: Saw Amari Cooper move into the slot more often than Michael Gallup last season, but yes, Cooper and Cobb (and Allen Hurns and Tavon Austin) can operate inside. That's a lot of versatility, as you said. The biggest advantage might be that the likely top three receivers (Cooper, Gallup and Cobb) are home-run threats in different ways.


What is the best type of safety (SS or FS or hybrid) to pair with Xavier Woods? - JEFF GALLO

Bryan: Ideally they want a guy that can play up and back. If they can only go with one guy then a strong safety makes more sense that can play down.

Rob: We've gotten this question a lot with the Cowboys bringing in free agent safeties for visits (George Iloka visiting next). For the most part, the Cowboys have viewed their safeties as relatively interchangeable. That's been the case for Woods and Heath, and I wouldn't discount Heath playing meaningful snaps this year just because the team is seeking depth. They've used a three-man rotation here before.

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