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Mailbag: How Well Do The Receivers Block?


If you go back to the final days of DeMarco Murray with the Cowboys and early days of Zeke, the wide receiver group opened up lanes and took out cornerbacks. I feel that in recent seasons, the coaching style and game plan kind of went away with down-the-field run blocking. How skilled is this wide receiver group in run blocking or was it not emphasized the past few years? — SONG NGUYEN

Nick: Another good question. I do think the receivers were better blockers a few years ago than what you saw the last couple of seasons. Dez and Terrance Williams were both pretty strong and did a nice job in that department – probably better than Gallup and Cooper. But CeeDee Lamb is a willing blocker and supposedly very good at times last year at OU. So maybe that's a plus as well. But don't forget, for the receivers to be doing some blocking, it means the backs have to get down the field. That's something we need to see more of in 2020, whether it's schemed that way or the running lanes are opened up better.

Rob: You're right about the receivers blocking effectively in past years, and Terrance Williams was really good at it when he was on the team. But it has continued to be an emphasis for the receivers, and I actually think it's one of the more underrated parts of their job. Cooper and Gallup are solid at it. Lamb is only listed at 198 pounds, but he was a very good blocker downfield at Oklahoma.

If the season started today, who do you think the starting center would be? Do you think if Connor McGovern isn't starting at center, he'll battle Williams for the left guard spot? — TYLER BAEM / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Nick: Easily, it's Joe Looney. He's not only played center in a real game, but he's practiced at center, too. I don't think you can say that about any other center option. And I have a hard time thinking McGovern is going to be ready to compete at any spot, but maybe I'm wrong there. To me, Connor Williams will probably be the left guard, especially since we haven't had any real practices at this point.

Rob: I wouldn't necessarily rule out Connor Williams in the center discussion. But I'm inclined to lean toward experience in a lot of position battles this year simply because there hasn't been any on-field work with the new coaching staff to this point. I'll go with Looney, too. He's the only player on the current roster who has started games at center with the current line.

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