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Mailbag: How Will Coaching Changes Impact Dak?


How do you think the change of QB coach from Jon Kitna to Doug Nussmeier will affect Dak Prescott? It seems as though Dak made great strides last year working with Kitna. - PETER MADDEN / TRENTON, NJ

Rob: Prescott did make strides under Kitna, no question. Just remember that Nussmeier has primarily worked with quarterbacks throughout his career. He coached Pro Bowler Marc Bulger with the Rams in 2006-07, and after that he was offensive coordinator/QBs coach for some major college programs, including Alabama, Michigan and Florida. Also, even though Mike McCarthy is the head coach, McCarthy has always been a teacher of the position. I'm sure he'll be a positive influence for Prescott, too.

David: It will be different, but I'd imagine it'll be a fairly smooth transition. Nussmeier has been here for two years and knows both Dak and Kellen Moore well at this point. More importantly, he's been coaching quarterbacks for the vast majority of his career. I'm confident Nussmeier's not going to do much to alter what has already been established.

One of the reasons that we drafted Zeke was his ability to catch the ball. This has been under-utilized since he has been a Dallas Cowboy. With McCarthy running a West Coast offense, do you see Zeke being used like Roger Craig back in the day? - DENNIS KELLAR / FLETCHER, OK

Rob: I love a good Roger Craig reference. Elliott did have 54 catches last season, one below Randall Cobb for fourth on the team, but that total was down from his career-high 77 catches in 2018. I think at this point in the league, every team has elements of the West Coast offense nowadays. But I do think the screen game has been effective when they've used it, and that includes Tony Pollard catching out of the backfield, too. Good things usually seem to happen.

David: Good Lord, I hope so. I've been calling for Zeke to be more involved as a receiver for years. And it's not just about volume. He caught 77 balls in 2018 and 54 last year — but they were such unimaginative routes. Zeke might not be as dynamic a receiver as Christian McCaffrey, but he's certainly capable of catching the ball over the middle of the field. He can do more than catch checkdowns and screens. Hopefully we see that in 2020.

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