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Mailbag: How Will Offense Change If Dunbar Returns?


How will a return of Lance Dunbar complement our offense in week 2?

David: Ideally, it would be fun to see him take on the kind of role that Ben Tate did for Houston on Monday night. Tate carried the ball just nine times, but he racked up 55 yards. He only made two receptions, but he was given constant respect as a receiving threat. Dunbar is strong enough to handle a low amount of carries, and hopefully he'd be able to make defenses pay on screens and swing routes when the defense brings pressure.

Rowan:He's going to be a key [embedded_ad] change of pace part in the offense whenever he's healthy. If he's able to return this weekend, as he expects, I'd be shocked if he didn't get involved and touch the ball on offense a couple times. DeMarco Murray will still get the brunt of the carries, as he should, but Dunbar can be vital to give Murray a breather and also to work into the passing game.

Since Harris already knows the offense, has chemistry with Romo, and is a proven playmaker, wouldn't he be a better option at receiver than Terrance Williams right now?

David: I've got to assume that Williams won the No. 3 job for more reasons than just his draft status, so I'm going to give the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt on that – for now. Hopefully Williams shook out some Week 1 jitters and he can come back and be a more consistent contributor going forward. If not, Harris can surely contribute, or the staff could make an effort to get Cole Beasley into the gameplan.

Rowan: It's an interesting situation. The Cowboys drafted Williams in the third round with the idea that this would be his role. Williams has an ability to find open areas in coverage, even if he doesn't have blazing speed. The key for him is confidence, not letting one mistake carry over and being careful with his body catches. I think Harris should work in a little more, though, considering he knows the system better and is pretty reliable.

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