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Mailbag: How Will Players Off Injury Affect The Draft?


With Bass and Crawford coming back, does that play a part in maybe looking somewhere else on defense for the first pick? I think they need to go D-line first but will that possibly affect a pick at O-line or safety?

David: David: I think people fall into the trap of expecting players to star simply because they are there. Crawford and Bass both should add to the depth at defensive line, and they may very well blossom, but it'd be a mistake to count on that. If there is an unmistakable talent there, you have to address your biggest need.

Rowan: It shouldn't. Crawford was coming on strong but had yet to establish himself at a specific spot in the 4-3, though it seems he could play across the line. Bass was a rotational 3-4 player and the same went for him. Both of those players give reason to believe the depth might be better in 2014, but their additions shouldn't stop the team from shoring up the defensive line if possible. That's still the team's biggest need.

Can we really expect three or four draft picks to contribute this year? Is the team being unreasonable to depend on that? We are still waiting for the 2012 draft to contribute.

David: In this day and age, I think it's fair to expect your first, second and third round picks to contribute something as rookies. That doesn't mean they need to start, but it's reasonable to expect some kind of production. Everyone else is a bonus.

Rowan:Yes. For any team with at least one pick in each of the first few rounds, which the Cowboys have, it's absolutely realistic to believe three or four players will and should contribute. That's not an unreasonable hope, assuming the team doesn't trade multiple picks to move up. That was the case with the 2012 draft. One draft may not completely alter the course of a franchise, but expecting a handful of players to contribute is realistic.  

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