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Mailbag: If Dak Deal Isn't Done? Martin Reunion?


Saw that Nick Martin was a cap casualty by the Texans. With Joe Looney hitting free agency, what are the chances Martin gets brought in to compete for center/left guard spot? He might be interested in playing alongside his brother again, and you can never have enough quality offensive linemen. — BRIAN SPEECE / RADNOR, OH

David: Obviously, it would be insanely fun to have the Martin Brothers starting next to each other on the Cowboys' offensive line. The problem, as always, is cost. Before Nick Martin was cut, he was on one of the biggest salaries among centers in the league. Of course, he might be willing to sign for less so he can play with Zack – but how much less? Throw in the fact that Tyler Biadasz is under contract for pennies (by NFL standards), and I'm not sure it makes a ton of sense. But don't get me wrong, if Nick Martin is down to sign for a low enough price, what a fun storyline that would be.

Nick: Usually when a player of high profile is released, we all expect there will be plenty of questions just like this one asking if the Cowboys would be a possibility. About 90 percent of the time it's not a good fit and we just dismiss it. But I'm entertaining this one. I truly believe the Cowboys need to figure out the center position and even though Tyler Biadasz is young and showed promise, I would try to solidify this spot. And if I can reunite the Martin brothers, something tells me it would rejuvenate both players. Side by side, Nick and Zack Martin, yeah I'll take that combo all day. Sure, it's not going to be cheap but I've said before that center is one offensive spot I would consider upgrading if possible this offseason.

With the franchise tag deadline approaching and then the draft in April, I wanted to ask: what do you think might be a point where the Cowboys front office might say "Enough is enough, we aren't going to agree" and try to trade Dak? It seems like, if that's the route they end up going, they'd have to do that before the draft? A lot of rumors are out there and some big names seem to be "available." I know from the beginning the team has said Dak is their guy and y'all have too, but is there a point you think that might change? — JOSH HANSON / SAN ANTONO, TX

David: For my money, this is the single most important question facing the Cowboys right now. It's lovely to say that Dak is your guy, but actions speak louder than words. And if a deal can't be agreed to by the time the draft rolls around, I think the front office would be awfully short-sighted not to look at drafting a quarterback. These opportunities to draft in the Top 10 don't come around very often. If you can't get a deal done by April, what are the odds that continuing this into July is going to make a difference. I think the world of Dak Prescott and want him to be signed long-term, but we're quickly approaching a situation where the front office needs to consider other alternatives.

Nick: I truly believe the Cowboys will cave down to four years or whatever Dak really wants before they just give up. So I think this question is very interesting but I don't see it being relevant. But to have fun with it, and maybe Dak just decides he's not going to sign, then I would have to probably draft a quarterback in the middle rounds, maybe 3-4 round. Perhaps I would change my mind and take one at No. 10 if the right one fell. But I think Dak plays out the tag, you get another quarterback developing but who knows what happens after this year. Maybe Dak is gone or maybe the circumstances changes and he can re-sign. Because of the moving parts, I wouldn't draft one at No. 10. Take advantage of the fact you can get a good player right now at No. 10.

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