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Mailbag: If Needed, Next RB Comes From Draft Or FA? Time For Street To Shine?

If Murray doesn't come back, would you want the Cowboys to focus on a veteran back, a high-round draft pick or maybe both?

Bryan: If no Murray I believe there is no question that they address that spot with a veteran player but also a rookie one as well. But this is also something to keep in mind - I don't get the feeling that as an organization they are really comfortable from what they have in Joseph Randle and Ryan Williams as well. Even if they get Murray back I would expect that you will see those backup spots up for consideration if a player or two catches their eye.    

Nick: It's probably going to be both, which again, should be something the Cowboys think about when looking to re-sign Murray. If it's going to take two guys to comfortably replace one, then maybe there's more value there than we all realize. But if he leaves, I'd look at a guy like C.J. Spiller from the Bills, although he's more of a fast, home-run hitter type of back. Ryan Mathews from the Chargers is injury prone but might be closer to Murray's style. But even if you signed one of those guys I'd still look at running back, even as high as the first round. 

We don't hear a lot about Devin Street but the coaches seem to have a lot of faith in him. Do you expect he will make a big jump in his second season?

Bryan: You might not have heard much about him outside of Valley Ranch but there has been plenty of conversation about him among the staff – you are absolutely correct there.  I expect that you will see a different player from the one that was active for the majority of the season but didn't get as many opportunities say as what Terrance Williams did during his rookie season. I fully expect we will see a different player in 2015.

Nick: I was always surprised how much they played him last year because he was active for every game but didn't have a big role. As the fifth receiver with limited special teams experience, Street might be that guy who does some of the little things that we don't always see, especially when they occur in practice. What I do like about him is the body frame and I'm sure he'll put on some good pounds this offseason. Give him 10-15 pounds and some added upper-body strength to go along with his size and he might have the chance to be dynamic. But if Dwayne Harris returns, he'll still be the fifth receiver on this team, which means about the seventh or eighth option after the tight ends and backs.


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