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Mailbag: Impact Of Losing Rich Bisaccia? Looking For Backup Quarterbacks?



Every fan can argue about the competency of the offensive and defensive coordinators. Ups, downs, yada yada. But I'll argue special teams had consistently been at the top of the league for the last 4-5 years. So how big of a deal is it really that Rich Bisaccia's gone?

Bryan: I think it's a big deal. Rich Bisaccia has really done a nice job, but the scouts have helped him with some quality guys to work with. Where Bisaccia will be missed is his personality and willingness to push Garrett to try and come up with more creative schemes. I will be interested to see who Garrett has in mind as his replacement. Keith O'Quinn appears to be a name to keep an eye on. 

David:It's a very valid point. You could argue that Bisaccia had one of the best punters and best kickers in the league to work with – but Bisaccia had been here for most of those guys' careers and undoubtedly helped develop them. I'm sure they can find a worthy replacement, but you can't deny that the Cowboys' special teams were consistently fantastic during his time here.



Dak had a fantastic rookie season, and a sophomore slump (in my opinion). I am obviously not giving up on him just yet, but do you think the Cowboys go into the season with just Cooper Rush behind him or have a more stable back up option?

Bryan: I could also see them bringing in a veteran to compete with him in camp, but at the end of the day I would be willing to bet that Rush is once again the primary backup. 

David:Considering all of this team's other needs across the roster, I'd be reluctant to use a big investment on another quarterback. If you wanted to use a late-round draft pick or sign a priority free agent, that wouldn't be a terrible idea. But I'm not going to be surprised if the duo of Dak and Rush is all they use in 2018.

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