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Mailbag: Impact Of Quinn Deal? Top Need Left?


At the moment of both trades (Robert Quinn and Charles Haley) they had similar stats and age before joining the Cowboys. I understand Haley was regarded as very smart football player. In this sense he became the missing piece for the defense to get to the next level. Can we view this trade for Robert Quinn as a similar quality addition? - ALEJANDRO CANTU

Bryan: That's an interesting way of looking at the trade. As a fan you have to hope that the addition of Quinn would pay off with similar results. I studied Quinn on Thursday and I was impressed by what he showed with the Dolphins. Opponents had to account for him with extra blockers because of how disruptive he can be. My main takeaway was how the Cowboys protected themselves in case they don't get a deal done with DeMarcus Lawrence. The trade allows them some real flexibility.

Rob: That's a lofty comparison. Haley made the Hall of Fame and the Cowboys won three titles in four years, arguably the greatest team ever. But I'll say this: Quinn is a legit pass rusher still in his prime (29 in May) and a perfect replacement at right end with Randy Gregory facing an indefinite suspension. Well worth a late-round 2020 draft pick. Put him opposite DeMarcus Lawrence -- got to get him signed, obviously -- and let them go to work.


Now that they've traded for Robert Quinn, what do you feel is Dallas' biggest need? Defensive tackle, safety, or another position? - VINCENT VINCI / LAURENCE HARBOR, NJ

Bryan: I am still focusing on the defensive line. You can never have enough of those tackles and ends. This is a heavy rotational scheme and it requires numbers to do that. I would expect that to be one of the top three selections they have in this upcoming draft.

Rob: Another disruptive defensive tackle. That also happens to be one of the deepest spots in the draft. Some good safeties, too. Based on what they've accomplished with free agency/Quinn, they don't have to reach, but I agree those two positions stand out first.

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