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Mailbag: Importance Of Signing Martin Long-Term? Shuffling The O-Line?



Do you think the team is setting itself up for problems if they fail to sign either Zack Martin OR DeMarcus Lawrence to a long-term deal this offseason?  The way I see it, one of these two must be signed long-term or a year from now they'll lose one because they can only franchise one.

Bryan: I believe they will get the deal done with Martin this year. There are a lot of moving parts with it so they want to make sure it's structured the right way for both parties. 

David:I know we've been expecting it to happen for a long time, but I absolutely believe they'll sign Martin long-term. I'm not remotely worried about that being an issue.


I'm really concerned about the prospect of shuffling the offensive line again. There's no guarantee Collins will be as effective at guard, it seems Leary was regarded as better, or that Fleming will be as effective as Collins at tackle and you'd still need a quality swing tackle. I would leave last year's four where they are and let the others fight for guard, plus draft a guard early.

Bryan: I don't disagree with anything you have said here. I would not move Collins after the season he had last year. I am very interested to see what they have with Marcus Martin and what he can bring to the group. 

David:I completely agree with you. Tyron Smith's injuries should raise a lot of concerns about the viability of the tackle group. It makes way more sense to have three capable tackles in case something goes wrong. I'd have Marcus Martin battle it out with a draft pick for a guard spot. The "best five" theory is all well and good – until someone gets hurt. If you move La'el to guard, I think you compromise the depth of the tackles. And I think that's a bad idea.

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