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Mailbag: Interest In Suh? Big Camp For Trysten Hill? 


Any interest in Dallas signing Ndamukong Suh to a one-year contract? — RICK ALTILIO / ST PETERS, MO

Nick: I don't think the Cowboys have any interest in doing that. Would I do that? Yeah, probably. He always seems like a pain in the Cowboys' side when they go against him. Sure, he's getting up there in age but he's still pretty productive. That being said, he's probably not cheap but they have the money for players like that. Usually, I'd say something about him being a progress-stopper to the young guys. But if you go back and look at the NFL Draft, the Cowboys seemed to add two types of players – big guys and guys with attitude. Well, Suh would fit both of those descriptions, plus the experience that goes with it. So yeah, I'd have interest in doing that. I bet the Cowboys don't.

Kyle: There have been some moves in past seasons that Dallas could consider something like this. Thinking recently of the Gerald McCoy signing in 2020, along with Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett in 2019. Suh could fit that mold as a veteran defensive lineman that brings a versatile resume and a competitive mindset to a young group of defenders. But as it is for most 35-year-olds who haven't made a Pro Bowl in half a decade, he'd have to come at the right price. Especially when there are other positions of need that could be addressed and excitement around the youth movement in the front seven. So, while I don't think it's out of the question, it wouldn't be a perfect fit.

We hardly hear Trysten Hill mentioned when discussing the defensive tackle rotation. What do you think his role will be this year and is he at risk of being cut before the season starts if he doesn't show out at training camp? — ROBERT CORCHINE / LEAWOOD, KS

Nick: With Trysten Hill, flying under the radar might be a good thing. What we hear from him sometimes isn't the best news. But for him, this year, it sounds like he's been pretty productive so far in the summer. Remember, a defensive tackle isn't going to get a lot of pub in the offseason practices. Don't forget the Cowboys were docked for being too physical as it was, so don't expect interior linemen to shine much. That being said, I had a few people tell me that he's flashed at times during the practices. But, if all the DTs are healthy, it does appear to be heavy in numbers. Between Osa, Gallimore, Watkins, Bohanna, Ridgeway and Hill, something has to give. But I don't think Hill is necessarily going to be the odd-man out. His ability to rush the passer will always give him an edge.

Kyle: Just because his name hasn't been circulating like Neville Gallimore and Osa Odighizuwa, doesn't necessarily mean Hill is on the chopping block right this second. Coming off a second straight injury effected season, he may have just been lost in the excitement of two younger defensive linemen. However, it also doesn't mean he's that far clear either. One of the themes of this offseason has been one of competition and a lack of patience. He'll certainly have both of those as he enters a contract year. I'd be surprised if he's not on the roster come Week 1, but he'll have to produce results in the early weeks if he wants to make it all the way through the campaign.

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