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Mailbag: Is Bruce Carter An Improved Player?


It's only been two games, obviously, but Bruce Carter seems to be showing up a lot more since he moved from weak side to strong side. Is that going to be his best position going forward, or do you think he should still be moved back to Will if he keeps playing well and building up his confidence?

Bryan: I believe that the best spot for Carter is to stay on that strong side. It is more of a natural position for him to have to play because he can physically just handle things right at him. There really is no thinking with him at this position it is all about reaction and power which we all know is the strength of his game.

David: I think Carter can only last at the Sam spot as long as there's relative health around him. If both Justin Durant and Rolando McClain are unavailable in St. Louis, I'm not sure how you justify him as the strong side linebacker. Until then, though, I think the Sam spots allowed him the opportunity to think less and play faster. The strong side comes with fewer responsibilities, and it appears to suit him well.

How does Spencer look moving around for the first time on the practice field? Also, when can we expect him to play?

Bryan:I believe that this practice for Spencer was like the first day of school – you stand around and check out your surroundings. My gut tells me that Spencer [embedded_ad] really didn't do all that much and the trainers were more interested in just getting him out there and getting him going once again. If I had to predict a game that he could come back it would be against the Texans on October 5th.

David: The fact that he's already in pads is more than just encouraging, it's pretty incredible – even if he isn't taking part in full team activities. Don't expect to see him magically inserted into the lineup after just one week, however. I doubt he'll actually practice legitimately for the first week or two that he works out, and my best guess is the Cowboys try to get him into a game when Houston comes to AT&T Stadium in Week 5.

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