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Mailbag: Is Champ Bailey A Possibility At Safety?


Champ Bailey was recently released and said he would be willing to consider a move to safety. Would he be a good short term veteran option to solidify the position while also providing cornerback help if needed?

Rowan: I just don't think it's going to happen. I'm still surprised the Cowboys got rid of Will Allen as early as they did last season, but if they bring in a veteran safety to help I think it'll be later in free agency and won't be a veteran that needs to learn a new position. They likely won't mess with an older player coming off an injury-filled season.

David: This strikes me as another name power story – we received similar questions about Ed Reed and Richard Seymour last year. Champ Bailey is a Hall of Famer, but I don't see the fit. It seems like a waste to try to teach him a new position, and at this stage in his career he's probably not better than any of the Cowboys' top three corners. He played in five of Denver's 19 games last year, starting just three. I don't see it.

How big of a risk would it be for the Cowboys to wait until next offseason to extend Dez Bryant?

Rowan:Big enough that I just don't see it happening. They definitely won't want to wait for the star receiver to go into free agency. [embedded_ad] Assuming Bryant's back holds up throughout training camp, with the receiver's contract coming up I see them doing something similar to what they did with Sean Lee, extending Bryant right before or early in the season. They won't want to compete with other teams for the player.

David: I don't see much upside to waiting. Even if Bryant struggles this coming season or gets hurt, he'll be just 26 years old after the season. The asking price might drop some, but it won't be enough to scare other suitors away – unless it's a truly serious and unique injury. On the flip side, if he goes off for another Pro Bowl-type season – 1,200 or more yards and double digit touchdowns – he's going to come at a high price. What's more, I get the impression Dez genuinely wants to stay with the Cowboys, which might make him easier to negotiate with while he's still under contract. Getting a deal done before the 2014 season easily seems like the preferable choice.

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