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Mailbag: Is Ezekiel Elliott's Absence A Concern?


I get that Zeke wants a new contract, but he doesn't accrue a season towards free agency if he doesn't report by 30 days prior to the first game, so am I correct to not worry too much about his holdout? He'll show up 30 days before the season so that he accrues that season. It would be counter-productive to him to miss that deadline if I understand this correctly.JEFF JOYCE / SHAWNEE, KS

Bryan: In theory you're absolutely correct, but where you need to worry is if his resolve is to sit out the entire season regardless to prove his point. For Elliott to do this, I believe he'd have to be set up well financially to take the loss. If there is any doubt that he can't withstand losing game checks, then in my opinion he will be back for the start of the season.

Rob: Well, the Joneses don't seem concerned about this, citing it as "business as usual" in the NFL. And they have a point. Emmitt Smith was a no-show in camp 25 years ago, though he was out of contract at the time. To answer your question, I don't think you can just assume Elliott will be here by Aug. 6. There was a general feeling by a lot of people that he'd be here for the start of camp, and that didn't happen. But I do believe this will get resolved eventually.

Given Kellen Moore's new offensive system and terminology, can we expect to see more of the first-team offense playing in preseason compared to last year when the first-team didn't play a snap together after the first quarter of the second game?TOM MISSON / AVON LAKE, OH

Bryan: It's not a new offensive system. They are wrinkles and adjustments to personnel groups and formations, but that's it. I don't see the starters playing any more snaps than normal, but that's in large part to protecting the players and also knowing they had weeks of OTAs and minicamps where they practiced together as a whole unit.

Rob: If I remember correctly, injuries on the offensive line prevented the starters from getting their normal preseason snaps last year. If guys are healthy, I think you'll probably see the typical amount of work, not more. They're not going to show their hand in preseason games, anyway.

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