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Mailbag: Is Ferguson deserving of Pro Bowl?


Jake Ferguson is tough as nails, catches everything and just punishes linebackers and defensive backs. I know he may not have the name yet, but I only see one other NFC tight end making this sort of impact: George Kittle. I'm sure I'm leaving someone out, but regardless, is Ferguson going to get votes as a Pro Bowler? – Collin Clark/Kingsland, TX

Nick Eatman: That seems unlikely right now – not because he's not deserving but there are a lot of quality candidates in the NFC. The fan voting counts for just one third of the vote but George Kittle is leading right now. But if Ferguson continues to have a couple more of these games on national TV where he's jumping over defenders and scoring touchdowns, he's going to have a shot, especially with the fans. But it's going to be hard to pass guys like T.J. Hockenson and even Detroit's Sam LaPorta. Personally, I think Ferguson might be a year away from honors like this. But then again, nothing should surprise us when it comes to the power of Cowboys Nation.

Kurt: There's no doubt that Kittle will be tough to top in Pro Bowl voting. Through last week's totals, he was the highest vote-getter for NFC tight ends. But there's also no doubt that Ferguson will receive his share of votes (especially with Cowboys Nation backing him) and should at least be in consideration for a Pro Bowl invite. He'll have some tough competition in the conference, though. San Francisco's Kittle, Minnesota's T.J. Hockenson, Detroit's Sam LaPorta and Arizona's Terry McBride all currently have more catches and receiving yards than Ferguson with only McBride earning fewer touchdown grabs. All are currently graded higher by Pro Football Focus as well. But Ferguson has definitely made a bigger impact on the Cowboys offense as the season has gone along. Consider that in September and October, he averaged 3.6 catches a game. While that average has gone up slightly to 4 receptions in November and now December, his yards per catch has made a nice jump from 9.5 to 12.8 with his yards per game increasing from 33.8 to 55.5. And there's no reason to think those numbers will go down anytime soon. Of course, what really has Dallas fans excited is that toughness and swagger that Ferguson is bringing. Whether that factors into any Pro Bowl decisions is probably up for debate, but he's sure proving to be an all-star for the Cowboys right now.

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