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Mailbag: Is It Likely The Team Will Have A Quiet Offseason?



Would it be more feasible to expect a quiet offseason, one that doesn't include an Anthony Spencer signing and doesn't include any big free agents? Shouldn't the goal be to draft well and find a way to free up cap space for all the cornerstone players that are set to become free agents in the next couple years?

Nick: Sounds good but if you do that, you're being practical, but you're in the minority. Fans are so frustrated and they want to win yesterday. So being smart and setting it up for the future doesn't fly to most fans. Plus, you've got core players in the early 30s such as Romo, Witten and Ware. So you can't focus on too much down the road. I think they'll be quiet in the offseason because they don't have a lot of money. But if there is a great player who could fit their needs, I expect Jerry and Stephen will find a way to make it happen.

Rowan: Stephen Jones made it seem like the cap problems aren't as much of a problem as people seem to think. He still needs to find a way to get the cap down, and it seems like getting Tony Romo extended is a good possibility. That said, I do expect a relatively quiet offseason, particularly considered to the last one. The only move I could see happening in free agency is grabbing a lineman if Spencer doesn't sign or maybe a backup running back, though I expect the latter's more likely to happen in the draft.


How do Ron Leary and Ben Bass fit into the 2013 Roster?

Nick: I think they fit into the offseason plans as young guys who will get a shot. But let's see how they do in training camp and the preseason games. The thing about Bass is that he has a motor that makes him stand out in those preseason games. Leary started out well but tapered off some in camp. Both of them are guys who could look very different after a year of the offseason conditioning program.

[embedded_ad] Rowan: I think Bass will fit in more immediately. He's a guy who really stood out and eventually earned a little playing time before hurting his ankle. Most people would know more about him had he stayed healthy. Leary's name was rarely in the discussion to get playing time on a struggling offensive line. He could help down the line and he'll get a chance to play in training camp and the preseason, when the Cowboys can see how he's progressed. They both play positions that could use as much help as possible.

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