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Mailbag: Is It Too Early To Call This Year's Draft Class Good?



I'm curious on your thoughts about trying Doug Free at guard instead of Jermey Parnell? Parnell seems more of a power guard with length than Free.

David: Jason Garrett was pretty incredulous at the amount of attention this issue got at Wednesday's press conference, and he has a decent point. If everything goes according to plan, either Ronald Leary or Nate Livings will be back by the season opener. Free's experience probably makes it easier for him to make the transition, but it's just a quick fix until the health situation becomes a little less tenuous.

Rowan: If Doug Free is the team's starting guard in Week 1, I will be shocked. I can venture to say that's not going to happen, but might as well take a look at the possibilities. As for why not Parnell instead, he's about 20 pounds lighter than Free and around the same height. Parnell's value is his athleticism, and he's newer to the position than Free. He needs to first focus at tackle, which is the only position he's played early in his career.


If all seven draft picks make this roster, does that mean this was a good draft class or was the roster weaker?

David:It's well-documented how disappointing the last two seasons have been for the Cowboys, but in my opinion, a team that is able to go 8-8 twice in a row does not possess a "weak" roster. It may not be the best roster in the league, but you need talent to contend for the playoffs. That makes this draft class' accomplishments to this point look pretty good. But let's see how they contribute to the regular season before we anoint them as anything extra special.

Rowan: It would make it a good draft class, but it'll take at least a year or two to make a true, fair comment on that. The Cowboys could keep a player on their 53-man roster who they drafted just to make sure they don't get rid of a guy they selected that could eventually mature into a starting caliber player. Now, if all of them make the 45-man active roster and are playing every week, then yes, that's a strong draft class.

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