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Mailbag: Is Murray Worth More Or Less Than McCoy? Should Sterling Moore Stay?

Seeing the 5-year, $40 million contract Buffalo gave LeSean McCoy, would you say Murray should get more or less than that, even if it's from another team? Basically, is Murray worth more than McCoy right now?

Bryan: The Bills overpaid for McCoy knowing they had a potentially unhappy player on their hands and reacted quickly to make sure that didn't become a problem. If there is a team that could give Murray that McCoy type of money would be the Jaguars who also have to overpay to get players to come into their situation. As far as playing ability Murray and McCoy are two totally different types of backs when it comes to carrying the ball. Murray is a physical down-hill runner where McCoy is more of a space player so to say that one is better than the other is not a fair comparison.

Nick: I don't see the Cowboys or any team really giving Murray that kind of money. And you can't always go by the overall numbers of a deal because sometimes the back end can inflate the perception. However if McCoy indeed get more than $26 million guaranteed, then I don't think that's something Murray will get. Should he? That's another question, and it all comes down to what teams ask them to do. If you're talking about the Cowboys, I'd rather have Murray. He's physical, he's big, he blocks and he gets the tough yards. Other teams might want a more wide-open offense and McCoy would be a better fit. But I would doubt Murray gets a deal higher than what McCoy received.

STEVE HACKETTMissouri City, Texas
Do you think the Cowboys should bring back Sterling Moore? Seems like there were times when he was the best cornerback other than Scandrick. If money didn't matter, Moore could win the starting job over guys like Carr and Claiborne. Agree?

Bryan: What we have to understand is that what we might believe Sterling Moore is as a player - it is probably different from what others feel about him in the organization. At times he was outstanding and it would be hard to imagine what this secondary would have been like if he had not stepped up and played as well as he did for Morris Claiborne but as mentioned I am sure there are other factors that need to be considered we do not know about. I could see this team going in a different direction in regards of adding a corner that has some of his traits but more toughness.  

Nick: I don't think I'll go that far to agree with you. I will say Moore has something to him that's not always easy to pinpoint. Athletically nothing really stands out. He's not very big or very fast but he just seems to show up in the games. Of course, the playoff loss to the Packers wasn't his best day, but aside from two very major plays in the game, he did well. That's the difference between corners and other positions. Corners can play well 95 percent of the time but if he has two mishaps in the playoffs, the whole team goes home. I think the Cowboys should look to bring him back at the right price because it doesn't look like Claiborne will be ready and you can't count on him if he was. Just because the Cowboys won't be super aggressive in getting him back doesn't mean he won't come back. Moore has had a few lives with this team already.


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