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Mailbag: Is Nick Foles Now A Realistic Option? How Is Dak Prescott Progressing?


Now that Kellen Moore got injured, does this mean Cowboys could look at Nick Foles because he has the NFL experience while other two quarterbacks behind Tony Romo do not have any NFL experience?

Nick: Yes they could and probably should. I never understood why they didn't look into that even before this injury. Foles' 19 wins is obviously 19 more than Moore. He's won some games in this league and that's always a good quality for a backup quarterback. At this point, I think he's the best option.

Bryan: I think Nick Foles absolutely has to be a consideration. You don't want to go the route of having to make a trade for a quarterback and possibly giving up a draft pick. Foles has won games in the league. He's been productive before. He's run a similar offense. It's the easiest way to add a veteran backup.


Is Dak Prescott going to be the legitimate backup now to Romo since Moore is going to be out for a while? And how is Dak picking up the transition over to the NFL's speed?

Nick: Yes, answering the first question, I think they get Foles or someone comparable. Dak will figure it out soon enough but I'm not sure it'll be this year. I still think Showers is a little ahead of Dak but either way, this team needs more experience behind Romo.  

Bryan: A bit difficult for Prescott playing underneath center right now. He had a bad interception Tuesday, not able to get his eyes around quick enough. He's so used to having things in front of him in shotgun from his college days that going under center has been a challenge for him.

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