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Mailbag: Is O-Line the No. 1 preseason issue?


After Saturday's loss to the Jaguars, do you guys see depth of the offensive line as the No. 1 preseason issue for Dallas? And should the team still be looking for a placekicker?Michael Bishop/Cocoa Beach, FL

Nick Eatman: The depth got a little better on Monday. Funny how that seems to work. But the new contract for Zack Martin will solidify that spot instantly. Not that it was ever truly in doubt but it's definitely nice to have Martin back at right guard because three positions just got better. Not only right guard, but he has to make the center and right tackle a little better, too. Josh Ball had been working at right guard as the starter and now he'll shift to a backup. Still, the depth here is somewhat of a problem. The backup center spot is up for grabs and I don't really know who the swing tackle will be as we sit here in mid-August. I will agree that O-line depth is the biggest issue. As for kicker, yes the team should still be looking and they are. Just not ready to sign one just yet.

Kurt Daniels: Answering your second question first, I'm fine showing a little patience with Brandon Aubrey, and I think cutting Tristan Vizcaino early so that Aubrey can take all the reps in practice and the games was the right move. He obviously saw success in the USFL, so hopefully the Cowboys' faith will be rewarded. If not, well, the leash will be short. As far as the offensive line depth, yes, that has to be the primary concern right now. If all the starters are healthy, this should be a formidable group. But there seems to be no clear favorite yet for the all-important swing tackle position or who will step up first to fill in at guard or center if needed. Of course, just about every team has this problem. It's not like strong swing tackles grow on trees, and at least the Cowboys appear to have some experienced candidates to work with, especially on the interior. Still, with such high hopes, the Cowboys have to figure this out. They can't have their season derailed because one of the top five is out of the lineup for a significant amount of time.

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