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Mailbag: Is Romo Trying To Do Too Much At The Line?



From what I see, it appears Romo is actually changing many of the plays at the line and might be taking the Cowboys somewhat out of their game plan. What are your thoughts on if Romo is just trying to do a little too much and getting too cute with the offense?

Nick: Not to defend Romo because I think he's done this for a while, but if the Cowboys didn't think he was capable of seeing things on the fly like that, they wouldn't ask him to do more during the week in the game-planning. I think he's qualified for it. There are times it works and we're not talking about it, and then there are times we can see he makes a change and it fails. It's no different than a play-caller.

Rowan: I think last week he did, assuming he did check into that screen call to Terrance Williams on third-and-9. I think there might be times he thinks too much and outwits himself based off the defense. Typically, it's a good thing that he's reading the defenses the way he does. They wouldn't have given him that responsibility if he was poor at it, but if that was his call last week, that might have been getting a little cute.


I don't know if you agree with me, but don't you agree the Cowboys should pass to set up their running game. It seems like conventional wisdom says to do the opposite, but the Cowboys cannot run the ball for whatever reason.

Nick:It seems like they should have a greater emphasis in trying to [embedded_ad] establish it. And sometimes, you might just be running into a wall with no success but I think it'll pay off later in the game with the play-fakes and possibly wearing down the defense. The more you can lean on them, the better.

Rowan: Yes. It's gotten to a point where maybe that's the best way to go about it. Now, if their first running play of the game goes for six or seven yards, it might be a different story. But they need to get creative in figuring out how to get the running game going, particularly late in games. The danger with the scenario you presented is it could put them in situations where they turn the ball over, and if they're doing that, there's no question the run game will be abandoned late.

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