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Mailbag: Is Smith's injury a worrisome reminder?


I realize that Tyler Smith going in for an MRI was just precautionary and he'll likely be just fine, but at the same time, it serves as a worrisome reminder about the lack of depth along the offensive line. If your youngest, healthiest player is already banged up, what lies ahead? Is this a house of cards that could bring the Cowboys whole season tumbling down? Chris Smithson/Austin, TX

Nick Eatman: Without a doubt, this is a reminder of how important it is to have O-line depth. And to be honest, Tyler Smith was probably the last guy of the starting five that people are worried about. He was healthy all last year and was able to play two spots. In fact, his position flex gives the Cowboys some peace of mind, knowing that he could always slide out to left tackle. But he's not supposed to be the first guy to get banged up. And yes, it shows just how thin they are on the offensive line, knowing that guys like T.J. Bass or Asim Richards, who are both rookies, might have to play right away. There's just not a lot of available offensive linemen to go get. Jerry Jones said on 105.3 "The Fan" on Tuesday that every team in the NFL wishes they had more depth on the O-line. But yeah, the Cowboys don't have much and can't afford setbacks at all.

Kurt: I'm afraid that thought ran through my mind as well. There's been concern of course about Tyron Smith's injury history and Terence Steele coming back from a torn ACL, but now here we have the offensive line's young stud battling a hamstring issue, though presumably minor. There has been worry about what would happen at left guard if Tyron Smith got sidelined and Tyler Smith had to kick out to left tackle, but there hasn't been much thought given to if Tyler himself was hurt. The Cowboys, however, must feel good that some of their young prospects can step in to help, particularly undrafted rookie free agent T.J. Bass, because they have yet to make a move for some veteran help. So would the loss of one of those offensive linemen completely derail the expectations for this season? I don't think so. The defense is what it is, one of the best in the NFL. And with the skill talent surrounding Dak Prescott, as well as Mike McCarthy reinventing the offense, the Cowboys quarterback is set for a big year. Meaning, the loss of Tyler Smith or one of the offensive linemen would hopefully not ruin what's ahead. Let's just not think about what would happen if they lost two of those big men up front.

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